Outsmart competition by workforce transformation


How organizations can outsmart competition by transforming its workforce?

Analytics, Mobile, Digital is transforming the world in terms of how business are done, b2c interaction & customer experiences. The pace of these changes will be much faster for coming decade than before. As these external changes takes place organizations needs to create a workforce with positive mind-set to outsmart its competition. This is possible by workforce transformation.

In this blog You’ll discover….

  • Game changing trends for this decade
  • Strategies to build workforce that can undertake challenges to outsmart competition
  • Major Innovations that can disrupt competition
  • Changes in the business model, way of doing business
  • Top 5 skills for success by 2030

1.Aim to change the rule of the game. Promote organizational culture of digitization, automation, innovation & advance analytics. Use trends for your competitive advantage. Empower workforces to dictate the rules of the game for marketplace dominance. E.g. OLA, UBER model to outsmart radio cabs.

2.Start practising prediction the future and make organizational plans accordingly. Many organization underestimate great innovations. Big Data, Mobile, Climate Change, Automation, Robotics these are the trends that can bring disruptive changes. Identify which technology and innovation will change apply you & enable workforce to get on top of it. E.g. Robotics will largely transform the way manufacturing industries work in next two decades.

3.Promote workforce to acquire ‘future skills’. Robotics, Internet of Things, Data Scientist, 3D printing, Digital etc. are the skills that will enable your organization to outsmart.

4.Collaborate. Let your workforce talk to professionals from different field who are excited about their career. Encourage your workforce to participate in Industry events, forums to gather insights and perspectives.

5.Enable Innovate. Let your workforce formally trained on innovation, give them the first hand experience which can transform to their day to day work. Bring fusion. Blend technology, trends together to multiply value. E.g.3D printing on cloud is one of such fusion

6.Help workforce to make a point to de-learn obsolete practices. E.g. Manual Testing, validation & verification etc. are becoming our of fashion and is replaced by sophisticated testing. Delearn old and learn new skills.


Key take away – Acquire ‘future’ skills. Delearn ‘obsolete practices’. Leverage Technology to your advantage. Expand business horizons by ‘Big Data’.

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