What's Limiting Your Success as an Executive?

At SkillCert we provide private and confidential executive coaching as Executive undergo through a specific, proven processes, techniques, tools and activities that will:

  • Improve Executives relationships, influence and credibility with Board members, CXO’s & other group companies.
  • Increase your corporate revenues, margins, offerings.
  • Improve Executives competence to define strategy, envision, design, get buy-in, communicate, seek budget and implement your roadmap of new business initiatives that create significant strategic business value for your organization.
  • Establish your stamp as true leader, role model in the organization by practicing leadership learning.
  • Build on your strengths turn your weakness into your strengths by learning, adapting and practicing more than 200 business tools, techniques templates, methodologies through our coaching journey that will empower your as all round executive.
  • What is Executive Coaching?

  • Executive coaching is an experiential and individualized leader development process that builds a leader’s capability to achieve short-and long-term organizational goals.
  • Coaching is conducted through one on-one and/or group interactions, driven by data from multiple perspectives.
  • The organization, an executive, and the executive coach work in partnership to achieve business results creating maximum impact.
  • Coaching for 13 dimension:
    1. Career Coaching
    2. Group/Peer Coaching
    3. Performance Coaching
    4. New Leader/Onboarding or Transition Coaching
    5. Relationship Coaching
    6. High-Potential or Developmental Coaching
    7. Coaching for 360 Debriefing and Development Planning
    8. Targeted Behavioral Coaching
    9. Legacy Coaching
    10. Succession Coaching
    11. Presentation/Communication Skills Coaching
    12. Team Coaching
    13. Personal/Life Coaching
    Seven impact areas for exponential coaching:
    1. Systems Perspective –Helps to align systems to create synergy within organization.
    2. Results Orientation –Improved success ration of organizational initiatives
    3. Business Focus –Winning strategy, sharp execution focus, competitive edge & differentiated offerings
    4. Partnership –Leveraged partnership within & outside organization
    5. Competence –Improved competence and result delivery
    6. Integrity -Improved integrity their by complete engagement with Customers, partners & employees.
    7. Judgment –Structured, rationale based accurate judgment for long term benefit.

    SkillCert is experienced & Expert in Management Consulting & Advance Learning field. We have proven process for Executive Coaching. Our other offerings in Learning, Assessment & Consulting compliments out coaching program.

    Highlights of SkillCert Executive Coaching Program:
  • Five step proven approach with key milestones & set of measurable results
  • Comprehensively covers thirteen coaching sub areas which results into all round executive development
  • Demonstrate measurable results in seven broad impact area’s
  • Help executives to learn & adapt 200+ business tools, techniques templates, methodologies
  • Availability of Experts coaches for domestic & international coaching assignments for enrich coaching experience
  • Presence in all major cities in India
  • No risk trial offer for those who are not familiar with Executive Coaching
  • Complete privacy & confidentiality of the clientele
  • SkillCert engagement model for executive coaching with ROI & Rates:
    Our executive coach will spend up to four hours per month with you based on Executive’s needs and schedule. This engagement will be either visit to your office or over telephone. We charge $150/hr. for this executive coaching service.
    Organizations get noticeable results as below:
  • Significant increases in your corporate revenues.
  • Improved organizational effectiveness, stakeholder equity, employee relationships, brand value
  • Executive gets below compounded benefits
  • All round personal and professional developments.
  • Executive enjoys exponential effectiveness and the prestige from his/her boss and among the other stakeholders.
  • This investment is fraction of amount of annual spending an Executive is empowered to do and no second thought item for any forward looking executive who wants to have significant impact on value creation for his/her organization.
    Executive coaching is a balance of science, art, and expert improvisation.
    Sanjeev’s career highlights:
  • Former CIO’s of leading organization who have devoted their career for Executive Learning
  • Rich international & domestic experience working with leading Consulting Organizations
  • Renowned public speaker in various areas such as Leadership, Execution, Sales Management Technology, IT, Six Sigma etc.
  • Contributed in their field by writing several articles & books. His new book ‘Mind over Matter’ is in the press & shall be published shortly.
  • SAP ACE 2011 award winner for Leadership & Innovation
  • Won various awards & accolades for organizations
  • Active member of leading CXO communities & part of Governing Counsel
  • Sanjeev Joshi made it his career goal to contribute in Management Consulting & Advance Learning to help professionals grow, create value and achieve personal fulfillment.
    Sanjeev strongly believe that “A successful executive coaching process serves as a catalyst for the executive’s long-term development"

    To facilitate your decision to engage with SkillCertfor executive coaching, we offer a no risk, free trial period. For one month (1st, 3rd& 5thweek), we will provide you with high-quality executive coaching. If you are happy with experience & early results, then you can decide to continue for our standard fees. There is no obligation at all to continue. This trial is available only for C-Level executives.

    To discuss more about getting started, Email Sanjeev Joshi or call his administrative assistant, Ms. Sangita 022 6526 5550 to set up a telephone appointment so we can explore your specific needs and determine whether this service would be a good fit for you.