SAP Training

Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing, or SAP, is a subject included in degree programs that combine instruction in business training, database management and human resource software management.

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SAP Training

Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing, or SAP, is a subject included in degree programs that combine instruction in business training, database management and human resource software management. Keep reading for the essential details that SAP students need to know about classes in this field.

Course Details

  • SAP FI ( Financial Accounting )
  • SAP CO ( Management Accounting)
  • SAP HCM ( Human Capital Management)
  • SAP SD ( Sales & Distribution )
  • SAP MM ( Materials Management )
  • SAP PP ( Production Planning)
  • SAP SRM ( Supplier Relationship Management)
  • SAP CRM ( Customer Relationship Management )
  • SAP PS ( Project System)
  • SAP QM ( Quality Management)
  • SAP APO ( Advance Planning & Operations)
  • SAP Basis
Target audience & Course Conduct:
  • The course is designed for those who are keen to become  SAP consulting professionals .

SAP FI ( Financial Accounting )
o  Financial Accounting’s role in the business
o  Organizational levels used in Financial Accounting
o  Financial Accounting’s components like general Ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed asset accounting, preparation of financial statements.
o  Execute basic financial reports.
o  Special G/L transactions and document parking
o  Overview of month and year-end accounting processes in Financial Accounting Balance sheet and P&L.
o  Implement various business processes and periodic tasks in Asset Accounting, manage master data and configure Asset Accounting
o  Integrated Case study
o  Certification
SAP CO ( Management Accounting)
o  Management Accounting’s role in the business
o  Overview of financial accounting components like :- cost center accounting, Internal orders, profit center Accounting, profitability analysis, product costing
o  Organisation Units and Master Data of Overhead Management
o  Performing cost center and product cost planning
o  Implementation of cost object controlling
o  Create reports with Report Painter and Drilldown Reporting
o  Data Structures of Profitability Accounting
o  Profit center-Planning
o  Implementation of Profitability Analysis
o  Integrated Case study
o  Certification
SAP HCM ( Human Capital Management)
o  Introduction to SAP overview
o  Introduction to Processes in Human Capital Management
o  Configuration of human resources master data
o  Configuration of Time Management
o  Explanation on the basic processes of human resources
o  Reporting in Human Resource Management
o  Organization and configuration of payroll
o  Organizational management
o  Integrated case Study
o  Certification
SAP SD ( Sales & Distribution )
o  Introduction to Processes in Sales Order Management
o  Processes in sales and distribution
o  Delivery processes
o  Condition technique in terms of prices, surcharges, and discounts
o  Promotions and sales deals
o  Rebate processing
o  Billing plans and down payments
o  Revenue account determination, business area account assignment
o  Various types of reports and analysis tools.
o  Integrated case Study
o  Certification
SAP MM ( Materials Management )
o  Introduction to processes in Procurement
o  Inventory and Warehouse Management
o  Goods receipts, goods issues, and transfer postings
o  Planning procurement proposals
o  Consumption-based planning
o  Reorder point planning
o  Procurement of Material
o  Documents and functions of purchasing
o  Preparation and performance of a physical inventory
o  Inventory management, physical inventory, and account determination
o  Integrated case Study
o  Certification
SAP PP ( Production Planning)
o  Basic knowledge on SAP ERP application area
o  Basic knowledge of planning and manufacturing functions
o  Overview of plan to inventory
o  Forecasting and demand planning
o  Detailed material planning
o  Production order execution
o  Creating and managing master data
o  Describe applications for production planning
o  Order-controlled production with production orders
o  Integrated Case Study
o  Certification
SAP SRM ( Supplier Relationship Management)
o  SAP Procurement Portfolio Overview
o  SRM Architecture Overview
o  Various procurement styles like self service, service and direct plan driven.
o  Supplier collaboration
o  Contract management
o  SRM server overview
o  Backend integration and configuration
o  Workflow, catalog management
o  RM-MDM Solution Overview and Architecture
o  Certification
SAP CRM ( Customer Relationship Management )
o  Overview of the SAP CRM application
o  Customizing fundamentals for CRM namely in areas like Account Management, Organizational model, Product master, Customizing settings for each object
o  Customizing fundamentals for CRM business transactions
o  Customizing fundamentals for CRM – Process control and determination
o  Basic concepts of CRM middleware, replication administration, data exchange, monitoring, and error handling.
o  User interface (UI) technology in SAP CRM
o  Integrated Case Study
o  Certification
SAP PS ( Project System)
o  Overview of the basic functions in SAP Project System
o  Various structure in project management
o  Work Breakdown & Standard Structure
o  Plan and control project logistics using the SAP project system.
o  Workflows in the project
o  Cross-Application Time Sheet
o  Progress Tracking
o  Cost, revenue and structure planning
o  Budgeting
o  Information system structures
o  Information system controlling
o  Progress Analysis
o  Area controlling
o  Integrated Case Study
o  Certification
SAP QM ( Quality Management)
o  Overview of the uses of Quality Management
o  Insight into various QM functions
o  Managing QM specific data
o  Planning of the Quality Inspection process
o  Inventory management
o  Inspection point processing
o  Integration of quality management into manufacturing processes
o  Reports and analyses based on inspection lots, inspection results, and notifications
o  Test equipment management
o  Overview of statistical process control(SPC)
o  Integrated Case Study
o  Certification
o  Introduction to SAP NetWeaver Application Server
o  ABAP programming basics
o  Complex data objects
o  ABAP Open SQL
o  Memory management and program calls
o  Program reports with ALV Grid Control
o  Program database updates
o  Enqueue mechanism
o  ABAP types in depth
o  Unicode and how ABAP is affected
o  ABAP Open SQL for changing database data
o  Write object oriented programs with ABAP
o  Enhancements and modifications
o  Dynamic programming
o  ABAP Objects
o  ABAP Web Dynpro overview
o  Certification
SAP APO ( Advance Planning & Operations)
o  Supply Chain Management solution
o  Business Processes in Planning
o  Core Interface
o  Demand Planning
o  Supplier Network Planning
o  Production Planning and Demand Planning in APO
o  Global Available to Promise
SAP Basis
o  Introduction to Basis
o  Clients
o  User Authorization
o  Background Jobs
o  Transport Management System
o  Patch Administration
o  Remote Function Call
o  Data Migration


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