Sales Excellence

Sales Excellence

That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well. Sales excellence program helps to build sales ‘ hard skill’ & ‘soft skill’ to the sales team.

Good sales professional has both hard skills & soft skills in his arsenal

Key Objectives

  • Retaining market leadership
  • Predictable sales growth

  • Differentiations – Product & Processes
  • Improving self efficacy of the sales teams

Pillars for intervention

35 sales hard skills + 35 sales soft skills

ROI Values & Outcomes

  • Sales leadership

  • Sales decision enablement using emotional intelligence
  • Improved Sales congruence
  • Improve sales people management skills
  • Improved customer loyalty, strong network & relationships.

Target Audience

Sales Head, Sales Professionals, Entrepreneurs


Assessment + Training ( 2 days)

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