Robust Business Case

Robust Business Case

Learn to impress your clients and sponsors with a winning business case that is financially sound and convincing. Know how to present a business case to win. Win your projects with this incredible bullet proof business case course.

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Key Features

  • Competency training
  • Interact with our trainers
  • Comprehensive coverage of material
  • Chapter end questions
  • Expert trainers with industry decades of industry experience
  • Confirms to industry best practices.
  • Learn hard financial metrics for project evaluation
  • Hands on real life case studies
  • Interactive participarory learning
  • Course completion certificate
  • Take the CCBA/CBAP course at a discount
  • Real life templates and resources

Robust Business Case

A poorly constructed or badly presented business case can ruin your business or IT project. The business case is an important tool that helps the senior management in making quality decisions on whether to go ahead or not with a project.

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Course Details

A poorly constructed or badly presented business case can ruin your business or IT project. The business case is an important tool that helps the senior management in making quality decisions on whether to go ahead or not with a project. A well prepared and presented with strong financial and non financial metrics will help a long way in securing approval your project.
This course provides the necessary foundation for you to build a strong business case that is convincing to your sponsors. This course gives you a sound understanding of most popular financial metrics like IRR, NPV, PV, PB, PI and CBA.
Participants will use real life business case studies and templates to prepare a business case and present this to stakeholders. The course places great emphasis on effective presentation of the business case to stakeholders to obtain their approval.

Design business cases that make business sense in terms of financial and non financial metrics
Devise business case that aligned with corporate of strategy of the company.
Evaluate alternatives and select optimum alternatives.
Learn how to devise financial and non financial metrics.
Learn project financials techniques like IRR, NPV, PV, Profitability index, DCF and cost benefit analysis (CBA).
Learn how to measure risk and making a risk management plan.
Learn best ways to present a business case to sponsors for approval.
Devise ways to manage the business case governance.

Define the need and align needs with corporate strategy
Define metrics and alternatives
Assign measurable financial and non financial metrics.
Know how to quantify risk and making a risk management plan
Presenting the business case.

1) Practice using real life templates and case studies.
2) Hard copy of study material
4) Hard and soft copy of articles and templates..
5) Access to high quality learner management system.
6) Course completion certificate
Basic understanding of business environment.

What is a business case?
Why and when do we need a business cases?
Business case vs Business plan.

Defining the need or problem
Identifying the business opportunity & the need definition
The business case structure
Opportunity statement or problem statement definition.

Alignment with business goals
Is the opportunity aligned with business goals?
What is the desired outcome?
Defining SMART objectives for the opportunity
Introducing the initiative /project?
Why are this project /Initiative required?
Defining the key outcomes and success criteria for the initiative with measures.

Option identification
Identifying the alternatives available
List your options
Gathering information for each option
Narrowing down options to few strong ones
Are detailed elaboration and feasibility reports required?
Stakeholder analysis
Assessing the organizational capability gaps
Identifying potential solutions that will meet the business need
Documenting estimates and assumptions for, cost, risk and benefits for each option with time frame and risk.

Basics of project finance
Financial measures for evaluation- Time value of money ,IRR, NPV, DCF, Profitability Index, Payback period, Return on investment (ROI) and Cost benefit ratio,
Quantifying non financial metrics – The real challenge
Calculating the cash flow projections
Estimation techniques.

Managing risk
Measuring and managing risk , Identifying and quantifying risk
Prioritizing risk and creating a risk management plan.

How do we measure the option outcomes?
Dependencies for benefit realization.

Evaluate the alternatives
Putting all together costs, benefits, risks and measurement.
Impact analysis
Making a recommendation – The best option wins.

Creating a plan
Creating a plan for implementation with road-map
Creating the Milestone for the initiative or project.

Presenting the business case
The real challenge – Presenting the business case for financial approval
Best practices in presenting the business case
Executive summary
Selling the idea to the stakeholders
Getting their consent to invest the money for the project or initiative.

Governance structure
Establishing the governance structure and organizational standards for the business case.
Concluding remarks
Content and sequence and case studies are subject to change based on time limit available and trainee.
Online and classroom topics may be different.

The teaching methodology is based on case studies, role plays, group assignments where participants learn from the instructor and from each other.
Our endeavour is not only help participants pass certification but enable them to build competencies and skills that can be applied at their work place.
The lectures are delivered based on the background, needs and aspirations of the participants to make sure that they meet their needs.
Our classes are highly interactive and based on experiential learning (learning from experience) . Participants can ask questions, request clarification or explanation when it’s needed and interact with a knowledgeable instructor who can help them understand concepts and terminology in terms of their own frames of reference
The class room sessions are used to explain difficult concepts, for practical learning, role plays, group assignments and team learning, personal interactions, replying to queries, having debates and points of views and all other activities that cannot be adopted in an online session.
Trainers provide feedback on assignments and better ways of doing things and this can be achieved only in an interactive face to face discussion.

1. Best suited for project managers and business managers who want to devise and present a business case to win the project.
2. The course will be of great help to pre sales consultants in IT and Non IT sectors who are pitching for high value contracts.
3. Business consultant /Business Analyst /Pre sales consultants who have to show business benefits and ROI to clients to win the project or contract.
4. Business managers who want to have a sound basis for decision making in high value projects
5. Experienced business users or core team members working in IT departments as client side business analyst in IT projects, process improvement, transformation and strategic initiatives.
6. Product managers and business process owners and those interacting with IT development teams for development of IT solutions.
7. Project managers and CIO es.
8. Team leads/System Analysts /Developers who have to interact with clients.

Competency building program for corporate. Course duration 2 Days.
Please send your interest for corporate batches to and we will contact you with a customized offer.


How do I apply for the CCBA/CBAP examinations?

First you need to check the examination requirements for each of these examinations and make sure you meet the minimum business hours requirements for CCBA or CBAP requirements. The Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) certification is a prestigious professional designation from the International Institute of Business analysis (IIBA) a professional body of senior business analysts. The CBAP program is meant for senior business analysts who have a minimum of 7500 hours equivalent to 5 years of hands on business analysis experience. The CCBA program is meant for senior business analysts who have a minimum of 3750 hours equivalent to 2 years of hands on business analysis experience.

Can I use the PDU received towards IIBA PDU requirements for applying for the CCBA/CBAP examination?

Yes the 32 PDU are more than sufficient towards eligibility requirements for the IIBA CCBA CBAP examinations.
I am already a CCBA/CBAP
Can I use the CDU towards my post qualification continuing development hour’s requirements for re-certification?
This course will count for 32 CDU.
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